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Integrated Scrap Metal Solutions

We are engaged in the recovery, recycling, buying, selling and processing of ferrous, non-ferrous, high temperature alloy and precious metals. Dublin Scrap Metal is built on a history that dates back more than 35 years, our principal focus is to provide the highest quality and service to each one of our clients.

Environmentally Friendly

Our strategic scrap metal programs are safe for the environment and deliver unmatched results. Our metal recycling and processing practices surpass the industry standard, and we are committed to being safe for the environment.

The Dublin Difference
  • State-of-the-art technologies and processes
  • Cost-saving and innovative recycling plans
  • Full range of services from metal commodities buying and selling to solid waste handling
  • Over 35 years of metal recycling and industry experience
  • Privately held, 100% Small Business Hubzone Certified
  • Dedicated to customer success and productivity
  • Reputation for flexible and responsive service
  • Long term employee dedication with diverse industrial backgrounds
  • High-volume contracting in various market segments
Recycling Scrap Metal NJ

Dublin Scrap Metal offers recycling and scrap metal solutions for a variety of different industries and markets in North America. We are one of the largest providers of metal recycling technology solutions located in the Northeast, United States. Our Scrap Metals New Jersey central location serves clients nationwide and is able to coordinate and handle all orders and customer inquiries involving the buying, selling, processing and recovery of ferrous, non-ferrous and other precious metals.

Scrap Metal Removal New Jersey (NJ)
We have the necessary equipment, personnel and procedures to successfully remove any volume of scrap metal and process that metal to determine the best use of the product. We offer advice and solutions for the proper handling of your metal. This includes the sorting, storage, managing and upgrading and conversion aspects of the entire process.

Scrap Metal Prices New Jersey (NJ)
Our management and consulting services include a knowledgeable assessment of scrap prices. We sell many different types of scrap metals and accept individual suppliers and large scrap metal producers alike. We know everything there is to know about Scrap Prices NJ. Our expertise about the retail costs involved in the buying and selling of ferrous, non-ferrous, high temperature alloys and precious metals extend to general scrap metal steel prices NJ and copper scrap prices NJ.

Recycling Scrap Metal New Jersey (NJ)
Our scrap metal recycling New Jersey (NJ) operations use the latest in technology and equipment to successfully transition existing scrap metal product into the most efficient and versatile form for profitable future use. The steel processing and non-ferrous metal machinery located at our plant also recycles scrap metal in an efficient, clean and safe manner.

Nationwide Scrap Metal Service
Located in New Jersey and close to both New York and Pennsylvania our business completes Scrap Metal NY, Scrap Metal PA and nationwide orders for a multitude of clients and industries. We accept Scrap Metal and Recycling orders, as well as other business inquiries directly into our Scrap Metal NJ headquarters.

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Dublin Scrap Metal HistoryBuilt on a history that dates back more than thirty-five years, our dedication to customer satisfaction started with a humble two truck shop and carried over to create one of the Northeast's largest scrap enterprises. Learn More